Personal data and their use

All personal data of the Customer that became known as a result of visiting and making purchases from the Online Store, will be treated as confidential. The Seller does not disclose the information it has received to a third party, except in cases prescribed by law. Upon request, the Customer has the right to request the deletion of his/her data from the Online Store’s database. Encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of the Customer’s personal data and banking details. The Seller does not have access to them.

What personal data is processed

  • name, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • shipping address for the delivery of the goods;
  • bank account number;
  • cost of goods and services and payment details (purchase history);
  • customer support information.

For what purpose personal data is processed

Personal data is used for managing Customer orders and the delivery of goods.
Purchase history data (date of purchase, goods, quantity, customer details) are used to compile an overview of purchased goods and services and to analyse customer preferences.

The bank account number is used to return payments to the customer.
Personal data, such as email, phone number, customer name is processed to resolve issues related to the provision of goods and services (customer support).

The web store user’s IP address or other network identifiers are processed to provide a web store as an information society service and for creating web usage statistics.

Receivers to whom personal data will be transmitted

Jolly Toys OÜ is responsible for the processing of personal data, Jolly Toys communicates the personal data necessary for making payments to an authorised processor Maksekeskus AS.

Personal information is transmitted to the Online Store support for managing purchases and purchasing history and for solving customer issues.

The name, telephone number and e-mail address are transmitted to the transport service provider selected by the Customer. In case of goods delivered by a courier, the Customer’s address is also transmitted in addition to the contact details.

If the accounting of the Online Store is done by a service provider, the personal data is transmitted to the service provider for accounting purposes.

Storage of personal data

Reviewing and correcting personal information

  • Personal data can be reviewed and corrected in the Online Store’s user profile. If the purchase is made without a user account, you can access personal data through customer support.

Withdrawal of consent

  • If the processing of personal data takes place on the basis of Customer’s consent, the Customer has the right to withdraw the consent by notifying customer support through e-mail.


  • Personal information will be erased when the Online Store account is closed, unless such data is required to be kept for accounting purposes or for resolving consumer disputes.
  • If a purchase in the Online Store has been made without a customer account, the purchase history will be kept for three years.
    In the event of disputes relating to payments and consumer disputes, personal data shall be retained until the claim is executed or the expiry of the limitation period.
  • The personal data necessary for accounting purposes will be kept for seven years.


To delete personal data, you need to contact customer support by email. The request for deletion will be answered no later than within a month and the deadline for the deletion of the data will be specified.

Dispute resolution

Disputes related to the processing of personal data are resolved via customer support The Supervisory Authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate